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The Horse of the Wind

"The Horse of the Wind", created (with little time available, these are the times Television)
 for the program "L'Albero Azzurro"

In this episode Dodò, the protagonist of the program, meets this horse and he' ll remain with him throughout the episode... and I find it very funny.

7 commenti:

Stefano Mantovani ha detto...

Che belli!!!

Stefano Mantovani ha detto...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Aira ha detto...

^_^ Thanks Ste <3

Lee ha detto...

These are beautiful, Aira! I need to practice my horses, but you've nailed them!

Amy C ha detto...

super cool!

Aira ha detto...

Thanks to all :)

AtelierBrigitte ha detto...

Lovely horses!


2007 Cartoons on the Bay ( Salerno, Italy)
2007 CartoonClub (Rimini, Italy)
2007 FATFILMFEST (Nardò, Italy)
2007 PISAF (Bucheon, South Korea)
2007 VIEW/Virtuality Award 2007 (Torino, Italy)
2007 Castelli Animati (Roma, Italy)
2007 Gesso magie e videogame ( Asti, Italy)
2008 Maremetraggio (Trieste, Italy)

2007 Best international short film and Carta Giovani Euro<26>
2007 Special Jury Price " Castelli Animati"