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6 commenti:

Stefano Mantovani ha detto...

Bellissimo magico e sognante <3<3<3

Mauricio Abril ha detto...

Lovely design and style :) Cheers!

Len Allwood ha detto...

Love it!!

Aira ha detto...

Thanks to all :)

Bella Sinclair ha detto...

Oooh, I love your illustrations! They are all fantastic!

Aira ha detto...

Hi Bella :), thanks for your comment


2007 Cartoons on the Bay ( Salerno, Italy)
2007 CartoonClub (Rimini, Italy)
2007 FATFILMFEST (Nardò, Italy)
2007 PISAF (Bucheon, South Korea)
2007 VIEW/Virtuality Award 2007 (Torino, Italy)
2007 Castelli Animati (Roma, Italy)
2007 Gesso magie e videogame ( Asti, Italy)
2008 Maremetraggio (Trieste, Italy)

2007 Best international short film and Carta Giovani Euro<26>
2007 Special Jury Price " Castelli Animati"